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Antimicrobial Textile Additive Market Size, Share, Growth ...

Antimicrobial Textile Additive Market Synopsis. According to MRFR analysis, the Antimicrobial Textile Additive Market is projected to register a CAGR of 5.7% to reach USD 13.1 Billion by the end of 2027.. Antimicrobial textile additives are active agents that can be applied to the fabrics at any stage of the production process to change their surface …

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Bernhard Ebers – International agents for fabric suppliers specialised in denim, stretch and technical fabrics for active and performance wear. Broadway Textiles – Australia based importers and exporters of woven, and warp and circular knitted fabrics for sports, corporate and protective wear, from polyester, cotton, polyamide and blends.

Baobab Cotton Group – More Than Just Cotton

Baobab Cotton Group: Angola The two Angolan textile plants have a combined capacity of 1500t per month and will produce a wide selection of Ring Spun Carded and Combed yarns as well as Indigo dyed denim fabric, Tee and Golf Shirts as well as home fabrics, being toweling and bed linen for the International and Domestic Markets.

Cotton Fiber - Textile Fashion Study

Cotton fiber is a cellulosic fiber. It has worldwide popularity for its variety of use. Cotton fiber is the most used fibers for producing various types of fabric through all over the world. Cotton Fabrics are comfortable to wear than the other fibers product.

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Washing, perspiration and Ironing fastness of all the dyes on cotton fabric with 1% wetting agent gave excellent results. 6. Light fastness of 5% dye gave better fastness as compare to 1% and 3% dye. Thus it can be concluded that 1% dispersing agent can be used to improve the color fastness of the vat

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impact the textile processes as well as the characteristics of the final printed fabrics. PROPERTIES Fibers Dyes are fiber specific; therefore, dyes are chosen for based on the fibers, which compose the textile fabric. For example, a cotton fabric can be printed with reactive dyes, vat dyes, or any dye that works for cotton.

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High Quality Yarn Dyed Brocade Jacquard Fabric Cotton Jacquard Fabric for Suit cotton fabric. US$ 3.5 - 10 / Meter. 1 (Min. Order) Inquire Chat. Fashionable Digital Print Cotton Fabric use for Garment Skirt or Scarf cotton fabric. US$ 2 - 6.5 / Meter.

Dyeing of Cotton Fabric with Optical Brightening Agent (OBA)

Optical Brightening Agent (OBA) is a colorless or very pale yellow colored organic compound. When added onto a cotton fabric then increases the apparent reflectance into visible region by absorbing ultra-violet radiation and then converting it into visible region. Thus increase the whiteness or brightness. Fig: Absorption and Fluorescence Process.

Scouring Agent of Cotton Fabric - HT Fine Chem

Scouring Agent of Cotton Fabric. --It is widely used in textile processing. It has good emulsification, dispersion, penetration ability, can remove all kinds of dirt fabric, grease substance, floating color. --Variety of mixed surfactant …

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In acid medium, the fabric is treated with a solution containing 30-40 ml/l H2O2 (35%), 2-4 g/1 organic stabilizer, 0.25 g/1 wetting agent and 0.25 g/1 detergent at pH 5.5-6 (acetic acid) for 40-60 min at 80°C or 2-2.5 h at 65°C. The treated fabrics are then given warm and cold rinse.

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Angola was though, particularly former Angola, a major cotton producer up until the 1980s. However, the war for independence (1961 - 1975) and the Angola civil war (1975 - 2002) devastated much of the land, and this combined with a fall in international cotton prices led to a sharp decline in cotton production in the country.

Bleaching, Stripping & Reducing Agents for Textiles

Orco SynthroScour 100 Powder™. Special oxidative powder. Safe, economical, all-in-one oxidative bleach product for use on cotton and blends producing intense, brilliant whites. With proper selection of direct dyes, this product may be used as a one-bath-bleach dye assistant. Technical Bulletin.

Optical Brightening Agents for Textiles & Cotton

Sun White Chemicals – Textile and Cotton Fluorescent Brightening Agents. Sun White Chemicals is manufacturer of Optical Brightening Agents for textile and cotton industries. Our fluorescent whitening agents OBTEX brand (anionic range) containing sulphonate group used for cotton, wool, and nylon. OBTEX-2B-H-CONS. OBTEX-BSU-LQ.

Effects of Different Soaping and Fixing Agents on Washing ...

soaping in comparison to 1.0g/l soaping agent for the three different types of soaping agents. Use of different types of fixing agents also increased the fastness ratings. Keywords—Soaping agents, fixing agents, reactive dyes, cotton fabric, washing fastness. 1. Introduction Reactive dyes have better property in terms of fastness.

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Agent of Cotton fabric: Wujiang Do Textile Co. Ltd from China. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. For more details including how to change your cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. Reliable exporters: find them and meet them.

Cotton | Diseases and Pests, Description, Uses, Propagation

Uses. The major use of cotton today is in the textile industry, the fibers or 'lints' of the cotton plant are harvested and woven into fabric for the production of clothing, towels, bed sheets and many other textiles. Cotton fiber may also be used in the production of yarn and twine. The cotton seeds can be used to extract oil for use in the ...

Effect of Special Finishes on the Functional Properties of ...

for both woven and knit fabric properties after finishing. 2. Materials and Methods 2.1. Materials cotton one woven and one knit fabrics (scoured and bleached) are used for this experiment to apply different types of finishes by pad-dry-cure method. The woven fabric is collected from local shops and knit fabric is supplied by Essential

Cotton - a history | New Internationalist

Cotton - a history. 1 April 2007. The stuff of Roman robes and royal apparel, of slaves and satanic mills, and of a new empire of capital that still holds sway today. For Gandhi, simple and homespun, the cotton / khadi / shirt was a symbol of a resurgent, democratic India. Today cotton clothes the world, still handing out wealth and misery in ...