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Below is our full range of Alphacore level IIIA ballistic helmets, available in a range of styles and colours. You do not have to be limited to just one type of helmet. We have taken the time to find a variety of helmets that allow you to customise your look, while still keeping your head fully protected. The variation

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Ballistic and Bump Helmet Product Line. United Shield International is one of the world's leading helmet manufacturers. Its comprehensive range of Ballistic Helmets incorporates the latest high performance materials technology, combined with ergonomically designed internal harness designs, to give a range of military and law enforcement helmets that have a ballistic …

3M Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet N49

User Manual 3M ™ Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet N49 3 The 3M ™ Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet N49 provides protection from the threats listed in the specification. Misuse or failure to follow warnings and user Instructions may result in serious personal injury or death.

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If youre in a situation where a bulletproof vest could save your life, a quality helmet that has undergone thorough testing and meets military or NIJ standards serves the same purpose. In this article, were going to give youour list of some of the very best ballistic helmets and go over common questions about what makes certain combat headgear the best.

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All MLA ballistic helmets incorporate the following features: Protect to NIJIIIA. High fragmentation protection Stanag 2920 17 grain V50 of. over 650m/second. Excellent stability and retention, but only four harness. mounting points. Compatible with most goggles.

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Types of Ballistic Helmets When it comes to helmets that soldiers and police wear in modern times there are three types you will hear most often, and they refer to the shape or design of the helmet: PASGT, MICH/ECH/LWH, High-Cut, FAST®, Above The Ear PASGT MICH/ECH/LWH High-Cut/Above The Ear Each type of helmet has its uses and purposes.

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The best ballistic helmet is the one that safe your life and also lets you operate without restrictions. You only really need the security of a ballistic helmet once, to make the purchase worthwhile. No bulletproof equipment is bulletproof and modern helmets give different ranges of protection depending on what NIJ level they are tested at.

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BALLISTIC HELMET GUIDE How to choose a bulletproof helmet correctly. What is the service life of Bulletproof Helmet? Yoluck Bulletproof helmets come on 5 years manufacturers warranty. We guarantee providing ballistic protection of the helmet during that time pleas...

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Seriously, two ballistic helmets are from the same company, who would spend 600+ on a bump helmet, that's some serious air soft. Team Wendy and Ops Core make a bunch of different types of helmets but they are twice as much as HHV. Check out military surplus stores and eBay to get a 2nd hand ballistic helmet, some models you can replace the pads.

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Ballistic helmets can stop a multiple bullets fired at them from various distances. The shell of the helmet is typically rated at a specific level, for example NIJ Level IIIA or III, which means it will stop bullets from that category of weapon. Depending on the design helmets can stop 9mm round, .44 Magnum bullet or even 7.62x51mm rifle round.

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care and maintenance, and other considerations related to ballistic-resistant body armor. NIJ Guide-0101.06 is a companion document to NIJ Standard-0101.06, Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor. The text of NIJ Standard-0101.06 is the authority in …

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Body Armor Guide – Ballistic Helmets. Bulletproof vest is the most important body armor equipment for personal protection, but the bulletproof vest can only protect part of the body, while keeping the head exposed. That is why many people that serve in the army, ...

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Ballistic helmets for every situation. Our ballistic helmets are made to cover every need. They provide better protection than normal helmets and are designed to withstand some of the world's most powerful handguns e.g. .44 Magnum and .357 Sig. The helmets are produced in Europe. Choose your ballistic helmet here

Ballistic Club B317 Combat Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet

Product Description The B317 High Cut Ballistic Helmet is a Level IIIA protection helmet that features our high-performance amid and composite materials. It is handmade from 18 layers of Kevlar material. Its V50 for 17 grain FSP is 2132 ft/ sec (650/sec). The High-Cut shape makes it easy to integrate with communications/ear pro, gas masks, and goggles.

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The F90 shell is constructed of 100 % UHMWPE ballistic material and is > 15 % lighter than the ACH helmet. To create exceptional performance Avon Protection utilizes a proprietary and innovative helmet molding technology that produces one of the highest 17 gr V50 results on the market! Read the Helmet Sizing Guide to find out how to properly ... Body Armor - Helmet Sizing

Helmet fit is fine-tuned by adjustment of the blunt trauma pads inside the helmet (attached with Velcro). You can also adjust the fit up or down a size by using thinner (0.5") or thicker (1.0") blunt trauma pads instead of the standard 0.75" thick pads.

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This means the plethora of NVG-supporting equipment for ballistic helmets will interface with bump helmets. Galvion also makes a Hybrid helmet that's a bump helmet with armor appliques, but this is a trade-off with gaps in its protection. If you're expecting to get shot at, a full ballistic night vision helmet setup is the answer.


FAST HELMETS This manual is specific to the following helmet models: FAST Ballistic High Cut, FAST Ballistic Maritime and FAST Carbon. FAST Ballistic High Cut Helmet is used for reference drawings throughout this Operator's Manual. If there are any procedure discrepancies due to other helmet versions they will be specifically noted.

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Ballistic helmets are priced in the range of $250-$1000, and our guide includes helmets of all prices. When you are protecting your vital organs, you won't want to compromise on quality. By choosing any of the helmets on our list, you are guaranteed quality and maximum protection. 1. Team Wendy Ballistic Helmet Rail 3.0

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When it comes to the Supreme MIL CC, we've got a very slim profile design that allows the headsets to used comfortably with a wider variety of ballistic helmets. This includes use with the ACH, LWH, and even the older PASGT style of helmet.

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Delta 4™ Ballistic Helmet. The patriarch of PROTECH® Tactical's line of ballistic helmets, the Delta 4™ is a traditional ACH style helmet known for its durability, performance and overall ballistic protection [NIJ 0106.01 compliant and modified to …


FAST BALLISTIC HELMET LEVEL IIIA. * Tested to NIJ-0101.06 IIIA standard*. Designed to defend against fragments, ballistic, and blunt force trauma. The ergonomic design of the internal harness and padding ensures comfort and adjustability. Improved four …

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Top Ballistic Helmets of 2021 (In No Particular Order) Now that you know a bit more about what to look for in a ballistic helmet, it's time to look at our picks for nine of the best ballistic helmets available on the market today. This list is by no means exhaustive and naturally depends on your use-case.

11 Best Tactical Helmets (Bump and Ballistic) in 2022

A level 4 ballistic helmet can also stop the same rifle rounds but has a slightly higher protection level. What Helmets Do the Us Army Use. The US Army uses the top-tier combat helmet in the world, which is the ACH. These helmets offer impact and ballistic protection, comfort, and stability without reducing the soldier's hearing and sight ...

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Ballistic. Performance. The NeoSteel™ Helmet is fully VPAM 3 compliant, and is capable of stopping a wide variety of potent special threats, including: • 7.62x25mm Tokarev at 1650 feet per second. • 5.7x28mm ball rounds at over 2000 feet per second. • 9x19mm 80gr. solid copper spun (SCS) rounds at carbine velocities.

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S1711-CPD Ballistic Helmet User Guide . Stay Updated Submit. Latest News from Super Seer. Super Seer Factory SALE. UPDATE: 11/1/2021 We are all sold out! We sold out of all helmets within 2 hours. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Factory SALE!

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More specially designed helmets called ballistic helmets have the same basic properties as a bump helmet, but instead of basic blunt force trauma protection from hard surfaces or objects- the ballistic helmet is comprised of NIJ level IIIA bulletproof materials that are able to stop and defeat most handgun round threats or explosive fragments- with the same …

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Use a piece of string to mark the overlap, then measure the string. Use the size chart to find where your optimal tactical helmet size should be. Also, don't worry if you choose the wrong size. We offer an easy exchange policy! All BallisticClub Helmets are suitable for people with a head circumference less than 60 cm or 24 inches.

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Military helmets are generally made of ballistic materials such as Kevlar and Twaron. The NSRDEC helmet is made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. This type of helmet is lighter than Kevlar. Since the mid 2000s, the United States Army's current combat helmet is Advanced Combat Helmet which is better known as ACH.

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NIJ STANDARD 0106.01 FOR BALLISTIC HELMETS 1. PURPOSE AND SCOPE The purpose of this standard is to establish performance requirements and methods of test for helmets intended to protect the wearer against gunfire. Requirements for face shields are not included in this standard. The standard is a revision of NILECJ-STD-0106.00, dated September 1975.

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What is a Ballistic Helmet? Ballistic helmets, also known as bulletproof helmets or tactical helmets, are designed to protect the wearer's head from bullets, blunt impact, shrapnel, and other threats.. Helmets are one of the oldest types of body armor, dating back to the 23rd century BC when they were worn in wars and combat.

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Caiman Ballistic Helmet System. The Caiman Ballistic Helmet is a streamlined, lightweight next-generation Special Operations helmet solution. A series of modular accessories enhance this helmet suite, ensuring users are equipped with the lightest, most comfortable, and highest performance head protection possible.

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A level 4 ballistic helmet can also stop the same rifle rounds but has a slightly higher protection level. What Helmets Do the Us Army Use. The US Army uses the top-tier combat helmet in the world, which is the ACH. These helmets offer impact and ballistic protection, comfort, and stability without reducing the soldier's hearing and sight ...


FAMILY OF TACTICAL HEADBORNE SYSTEMS: COMPLETE PRODUCT GUIDE 13. Helmet Platforms. FAST FTHS Ground Ballistic Helmet. Available on FTHS Ground Contract. The FTHS Ground Ballistic is a modular, scalable, helmet platform that provides protection from 9mm, frag, and blunt impact. This helmet is equipped with new features