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 · The Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) (Kyūjitai:, Shinjitai:, Romaji: Dai-Nippon Teikoku Rikugun) literally "Army of the Greater Japanese Empire", was the official ground-based armed force of the Empire of Japan, from 1871 to 1945.It was controlled by the Imperial Army General Staff Office and the Ministry of War, both of which were nominally …

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Imperial Japanese Army uniforms tended to reflect the uniforms of those countries who were the principal advisors to the Imperial Japanese Army at the time. The tunic of the 1867 version uniform was bright pink.[citation needed] The Meiji 19 1886 version tunic was the dark blue, single-breasted, had

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 · During WWII, the aviation personal of the Japanese Army and Navy wore different types of uniforms. All three of these items are Japanese Army and were worn by pilots and aircrews. The flight suit is an electrically heated type. It …

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 · The machine gun skin is a muscular helmet-less soldier wearing a standard uniform. Imperial Army in Zombies. The Imperial Japanese Army is featured in World at War' s Map Pack 2 in the map Shi No Numa (meaning "Swamp of Death"). Like Nacht der Untoten, the zombies walk out of the misty swamps toward the Japanese outpost.

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Imperial Japanese Army - Uniform - Uniform of the Union Army - American Civil War - German Army (German Empire) - Prussian blue - Tunic - Trousers - Kepi - Franco-Prussian War - Shako - Austrian knot - Dolman - Attila (clothing) - Hussar - Russo-Japanese War - Ochre - Gorget patches - Puttee - Tabi - Side cap - Adrian helmet - Molybdenum - Solder - Tan (color)

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 · 1886 Blue uniform. Resembling the Imperial German Army M1842/M1856 dunkelblau uniform, the dark blue single-breasted tunic had a low standing collar and no pockets. It was worn with matching straight trousers and a kepi (red for Imperial Guard) on which was worn a brass five point star.After the Franco-Prussian War the kepi was replaced with a flat topped peaked cap …

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 · A new camouflage design based on the German Army's flecktarn was introduced in 1991 for issue to the entire JNSDF. The pattern features black, brown and grass green dots on a khaki background, and is produced in a variety of uniform pieces (collectively the Type 2 and later Type 3 Camouflage Uniforms) as well as field equipment.

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 · Known as the " 5shiki Gun-i ", the Type 5 tuni c strongly resembled the tunic that had been standard in the Japanese Army since it replaced the blue uniform in 1911. Made of a yellowish khaki (often referred to as "mustard") wool for winter wear or cotton for summer, the Type 5 was essentially the same as the earlier Type 45 tunic.

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