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In desperate need of protein, Fernando attempts to catch a fish with his bare hands. Cass and Shannon meet for the first time - naked in Belize - as they begin their 21-day survival…. Cass and Shannon run across an ancient cave system during their 21-day survival challenge in…. Will Jeff stray from his deep religious beliefs in order to ...

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I do not watch much reality television, but one show I do watch is Naked and Afraid (N&A). I have always been interested in primitive survival skills (e.g. I have blogged about knot tying and rigging), and this show really puts those skills to the test. I like the fact that the participants are presented with survival challenges from around the world (Figure 1).

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The contestants are stranded on various deserted islands with only a piece of luggage that may be theirs, or may belong to another contestant. ... He is a combat veteran and was a captain with the US Green Berets ... Laura Zerra – Laura Zerra is best known for star turns on the Discovery Channel's 'Naked and Afraid' and 'Naked and ...

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Dude, You're Screwed! will premiere on Discovery on Sunday, Dec. 8 at 10 p.m. Five survival experts with different backgrounds (a Green Beret, a former Navy SEAL, etc) are "kidnapped," blindfolded, and then plopped into one of the world's harshest environments (such as a jungle or a glacier).

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2 Seasons. 7.8 (583) This Fall the Discovery channel launches the second season of the survivalist show entitled Dude, You're Screwed. The show includes five survivalists, each of them having been in an occupation which incorporated survivalist skills and training. One of the contestants was a former Navy Seal and another was a former Green Beret.

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Naked and Afraid is an American reality series that airs on the Discovery Channel.Each episode chronicles the lives of two survivalists (1 man; 1 woman) who meet for the first time naked and are given the task of surviving a stay in the wilderness for 21 days. Each survivalist is allowed to bring one helpful item, such as a machete or a fire starter.After they meet in the assigned …

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The contestants begin making their exit and encounter a tarantula and change direction. They make it out! Nicole has lost 20lbs and ends with a 6.1 PSR. Angel lost 33lbs! Angel goes from a 7.3 to an 8.1. Naked and Afraid XL sneak peeks. Phaedra will be on Sunday July 10, 2016 on Naked and Afraid XL! Come back next week


Discovery Channel takes the ubiquitous survival show theme to the next level by stripping it to its bare essentials. In "Naked and Afraid," complete strangers -- usually a man and a woman -- meet in a very unique way: They're stranded in a dangerous, desolate location, without food or water, and they are completely naked. Each episode follows the adventurers …

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As a Green Beret, I do have an unconventional approach to my training. ... Naked and Afraid contestant and an all-around outdoorswoman, traveled to Colorado to experience Tu Lam's Ronin Tactics three-day training event. This rigorous blend of street fight tactics, shooting courses and edged weapon defensive and offensive techniques put Amber ...

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Jake cannot wait for his next adventure, and looks forward to being pushed to his physical and mental limits on Naked And Afraid. The idea of being able to live off the land with not even a shirt on his back, is something that he eagerly awaits. Twitter: @JakeNodar. More BIos. Amber Hargrove. Don Nguyen.

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Naked and Afraid While the world has gone into extended lockdown, adventure-seekers from across the world are taking on a true survival challenge where everything that is familiar – home, clothes, and ease of everyday life – is completely stripped away.

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Surthrive. An independent mother of three, plus a jungle savvy Green Beret, take on the remote wetlands of Guyana. Battling disease-carrying sand flies, venomous snakes, and an infestation of caiman present huge challenges. Can this pair survive? Thanks for subscribing to the Discovery Channel News newsletter.

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'The Selection: Special Operations Experiment' places 30 men and women with no military background through the most intense challenge of their lives as veterans and combat instructors from the Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and Army Rangers drive them to the limits of the human body and mind.

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Naked and Afraid is an American reality series that airs on the Discovery Channel.Each episode chronicles the lives of two survivalists (1 woman; 1 man) who meet for the first time and are given the task of surviving a stay in the wilderness naked for 21 days. After they meet in the assigned locale, the partners must find and/or produce potable water, food, shelter, and clothing within …