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 · BALLISTIC HELMET. TA02136. TAR offers a range of helmet options to suit your. mission needs, with varying weights and protection. levels. SEND THIS PAGE IN MAIL. PRODUCT PAGE.

H2 – PASGT IIIA Ballistic Helmet – Covert Armor ...

H2 – PASGT IIIA Helmet. The H2 PASGT IIIA standard Cut Helmet is designed according to the US Military requirements, utilizing the most advanced ballistic protection against handgun threats. The shell is composed of multi-layered Kevlar base and Thermo set resin. The original PASGT harness assembly consists of the Crown Strap Comfort ...

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 · Shows in stock. $299.98 US made according to description. Team Wendy is a Democrat supporter, but any port in a storm. I just violated all of my morals but, I had to do what was necessary. I'll keep paying more to buy American, and voting with my wallet whenever possible to atone for this however, TW just got my money.

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 · Gentex Tactical Ballistic Helmet TBH IIIA, Full Cut ACH Ballistic Helmet. Common price: $650.00 Our price: $550.00 each. ACH Helmet Color. Color Desert Tan Coyote Brown Foliage Green Olive Drab Black. NVG Holes. NVG Mount Holes 0 1 3. ACH Helmet Size. Size Small Medium Large Extra Large.

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3M Law Enforcement Tactical Ballistic Helmet. As low as. $312.00. Select options for availability. Add to Cart. Sprint Ballistic Level IIIA Helmet. As low as. $500.00. In Stock.

Ballistic Armor Gen 2 Advanced Combat Helmet

BALLISTIC ARMOR GEN 2 ADVANCED COMBAT HELMET Battle-tested and built to handle the force of .44 magnum, .357 SIG, and 9mm rounds with full protection. The Ballistic Armor Gen 2 Combat Helmet is a superior lightweight option that won't weigh you down in the middle of combat. A beyond comfortable memory padding interior keeps your head protected from …

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The L110 Combat IV ballistic helmet at ACH weight offers rifle bullet protection from 7.62 x 51 mm M80 NATO Ball round, V0 at 2200 fps. To add to its high ballistic protection, it provides a V50 for 17-grain FSP ≥ 3281 ft/sec (1000 m/sec).

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 · Ballistic Armor Body Protection, Whether your needs for a ballistic / kevlar helmets, ballistic shields, armor plates for full body protection or a molle carrier, check out our selection of body armor products and accessories. Now police SWAT teams, tactical units and paramilitary squads can get affordable body armor and shields with ...

The Best Ballistic Helmet of 2021 [Reviews + Top Picks]

 · The Shellback Tactical Ballistic Helmet is a NIJ certified Level IIIA Standard Cut ACH helmet with ballistic and fragmentation helmet, all at an affordable price point. This helmet is a new and improved PASGT helmet that has been used for decades by military personnel, so you can be assured that this is an exceptional quality helmet.

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 · 11 Top-tier Tactical Helmet Reviews. 1. OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet. This OneTigris MICH 2000 helmet looks similar to a real advanced combat helmet (ACH). I unscrewed all the random stuff, then placed my ACH cover over this helmet, and all my friends believed it was an authentic piece.

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Tactical HELMETS. Total protection of your head during Close Quarter Combat operations. A truly ballistic helmet with no bullet penetration and an average backface deformation of less than 4 mm/0.156 in. Enhanced picatinny rail system modularity adapts to fit all the gear you need.

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United Shield International. United Shield International. United Shield PST SC650 Ballistic Helmet, NIJ Level IIIA. Revision Military Batlskin Visor Kit for ACH Helmets. United Shield PASGT-BH Ballistic Helmet, NIJ Level IIIA. Revision Military Batlskin Front Mount for ACH Helmet. $412.00. Order via.

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Model: 10072800. Supplier: MSA. Description. Removable full wrap visor attachments that can be field deployed and mounted to all sizes of ACH style helmets in order to protect the user's face from projectiles and debris that may be encountered in performing law enforcement, first response, and crowd control enforcement tasks.

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Ballistic helmets can be useful around the house. You may not need a full-on ballistic helmet, but a bump helmet can certainly come in handy when performing tasks that require you to get up on a ladder. That includes cleaning the gutters, replacing shingles, trimming trees back and more. Ballistic helmets are also great for high-risk sports ...

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PASGT BALLISTIC HELMET BLACK IN COLOR Size: MEDIUM This is a PASGT Ballistic Helmet retired from SWAT Operations. Stamped on inside MIL-H-44099A(the U.S. Military Specification for this helmet) Has internal suspension system. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: You may receive the following message upon bidding and purchase.