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The US Army followed a taxonomic structure when naming and describing clothing. Designations can appear slightly different depending on the source, and even from label to label. For example, a specification 98B Officer's Khaki Cotton Shirt could be shown in the following ways: 1. Shirts, Cotton, Khaki, Officer's, 6 oz. 2.


MILITARY UNIFORMS 2 . Military Uniform M/22 . Military uniform m/22 was the first properly standardized uniform for Finnish military. It must be noted in that in a degree calling the particular uniform and its items as military uniform m/22 is somewhat misleading in that sense, that the uniform regulations in which they were introduced were not all from year 1922, but …

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The armed forces of Portugal, commonly known as the Portuguese Armed Forces (Forças Armadas Portuguesas) encompasses a Navy (Marinha), an Army (Exército) and an Air Force (Força Aérea). The President of Portugal is the formal Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces but in practice they respond to the Portuguese Government via the Minister of National …

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NSDAP Armband. $ 125.00 Sold. Early Hitler Youth Knife by Paul Seilheimer with Blut und Ehre! Motto. $ 595.00 Add to cart. Transitional Hitler Youth Knife with Blut und Ehre! Motto by ANTON WINGEN JR RZM M7/61/1939. $ 595.00 Add to cart.

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Army Footwear Proudly American Made! When compared to other domestically produced footwear goods (in some cases costing over $1,600.00 a pair) you will find that our prices are in some cases lower than other company's products of the same class. For a very informative independent customer review of our footwear products click here.. Features include WWII GI …

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The Airfix WWII British Infantry Northern Europe in 1/76 scale from the plastic figure models range accurately recreates the real life British soldiers who fought during World War II. This plastic figures kit requires paint and glue to complete. Manufacturer: Airfix Model: A00763V WWII British Infantry Northern Europe Scale: 1/76

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In researching a German WWII helmet, collectors examine all aspects of the helmet--even using a jewelers loupe or a microscope. If you are new to collecting, it is essential to identify the following: The helmet variant (M35, M38, M40 or M42) The military branch (Heer, Luftwaffe, SS, Police, etc.) The manufacturer and the size of the helmet

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Wide range of US American Army WW2 Uniforms. Quality M41 jackets, M1942 jump suits, tanker jackets, HBT jackets, wool shirts and trousers. Paratrooper Uniforms. Leather pilots jackets. US Military service boots, rough out ankle boots, paratrooper jump …

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Republic of Finland. This nation of 5.4 million people is officially known as the Republic of Finland (Suomen tasavalta). During the Winter War (Finnish: Talvisota, Swedish: Vinterkriget, Russian: Зимняя война) of 1939-1940, also known as the Russo-Finnish War, Finnish soldiers were often clad in a solid white snow suit, which seems to be the first …

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wwii-reenactment-groups. World War II Reenactor net WWII reenacting at its best. Reenacting WWII has come a long way since its origins in 1975. Back then, it wasn't "cool" to cut your hair short or even to wear military uniforms. However, there were groups of guys who wanted to understand what it was actually like, to really be in WWII.

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Military history of Finland during World War II. Brief capsule history with links to resources. Finnish Forces (World War II in Color). Unique photos of soldiers, equipment, landscape. Battles of the Winter War. Another site loaded with data, images, and useful stuff on the Finns and the Soviets.

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The 100 Best Films About World War II. 1. The Human Condition I: No Greater Love (I) (1959) Error: please try again. A Japanese pacifist, unable to face the dire consequences of conscientious objection, is transformed by his attempts to …

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Espenlaub Militaria: Original WW2 German and Russian Militaria for sale and Battlefield tours. Finnish Miliaria/KevOs.4: Hard-to-find reenacting items of the Finnish Army of WW2. German Helmets Inc: Stahlhelms and other German militaria. Informational site with message boards for firearms & militaria trading.

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Finnish beret. 26.99 USD. Now available. Sold 11 in the last two weeks. Finnish M83 Sweater, Blue, New Factory Surplus. 36.99 USD. Temporarily out of stock. Finnish long johns, with White Guard style crotch repair patch, surplus. 104.99 USD 157.99 USD.

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Suggested Items. US Army 1872/1902 Bullion Artillery Sergeant Chevron $ 85.00; WW1 Era German "Den Kriegern Gleiermarts" Enamel Badge $ 75.00; WW2 Era Canadian The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment) Cap Badge $ 18.00; WW2 Era US Navy USN Grouping $ 75.00; Slovenian Communist 1942-1982 Medal $ 20.00; WW2 US Son in Service …


It's a "parrot-beak" (or long-nosed) version of the cutters–which is apparently a little scarcer than the version without the feature–with the "beak" being useful for pulling fencing wire staples.Marked on the top jaw: U.S. / HKP 1944 "HKP" is an abbreviation for the H.K. Porter company, who made the cutters under a contract ...

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This is a near mint post WW2 Linder Solingen Inox Germany 'Original Texas Hunter' Hunting Sidearm / Knife Made Using Original WW2 Nazi German RAD Enlisted Man's Hewer Dagger Parts & Scabbard. It has a pristine 9 ¾" long blade with fullers and measures 14 ¾" overall. The blade is marked by the manufacturer Linder Solingen Inox Germany.

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We've been operating for 30 years strong with extensive knowledge and experience in vintage U.S. military styles and standards. We are t he only American-based manufacturer of an entire line of the world's finest museum quality WWII era U.S. military uniforms, footwear, and equipment made in America to original specs. Unlike our competitors who continue to make …


Original Uniforms - SOUTHERN CROSS MILITARIA PTY LTD. For immediate response to all enquiries, and fast and efficient processing of your order using credit card payment over the phone, p lease phone the store on 07 46385565. Alternatively, head to our Contact Us page and send an email using form provided. .

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Service of Supply Links. Army Group 1944 Allied and Axis Reenactors in the Pacific Northwest USA 9; Army Serial Numbers 8; At The Front Excellent reproduction WWII military uniforms and equipment 0; Dog Tags- Info & History Hardscrabble Farm is set up by some hard-core reenactors and historians. There is a wealth of information on this website, and they can be …

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Uniform and other accessories, insignia and miscellaneous army surplus items Belts, braces, suspenders, Sam Browne belts etc. Socks, shoes, boots, gaiters, shoe accessories....

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Finland chaplain insignia.jpg 438 × 94; 40 KB. Finland Ostrobothnia regiment uniforms 1705.jpg 688 × 941; 333 KB. Finland Ostrobothnia regiment uniforms 1779.jpg 544 × 787; 103 KB. Finnish coastal artillery captain dress uniform m22.JPG 2,736 × 3,648; 2.53 . Finnish coastal artillery general uniform m36.JPG 2,736 × 3,648; 2.64 .

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Finland participated in the Second World War initially in a defensive war against the Soviet Union, followed by another battle against the Soviet Union acting in concert with Nazi Germany and then finally fighting alongside the Allies against Nazi Germany.. The first two major conflicts in which Finland was directly involved were the defensive Winter War against an invasion by the Soviet …

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Finnish reenactor community organised production of M/36 uniforms (tunic & breeches) with another Chinese manufacturer around 2009 and had them sold in Varusteleka (Finnish shop specialised in surplus items), but the whole thing seems to have fallen apart then, since they have been sold-out for months now: 1.