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Countries With Mandatory Military Service 2021

12 months (Army) to 22 months (Navy, Air Force) selective compulsory service for males 18-45 — But in practice, conscriptions occur only if too few volunteers enlist. 19,212,361: China: De jure: De jure system (legally recognized, but not practiced). 24 months for males aged 18-22 — However, complusory recruitment has never been required ...

Nursing Application & Requirements

There are program entrance requirements that must be completed by the application deadline. Approximately 40 students will be accepted to the Nursing program each fall, based on clinical site availability. Program Entrance Requirements. Proof of graduation from high school or a high school equivalency diploma (formerly known as GED).

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Three tasks – one goal: Security for our country. The Swiss Armed Forces defends our country and people against a military attack. It supports the civilian authorities in dealing with natural disasters and in countering serious threats to internal security. And it assists within the context of international peace support and humanitarian aid.

The Finns in the First World War | Europe Centenary

At the beginning of the First World War, Finland was an autonomous Great Duchy within the Russian Empire. Even though the Finnish territory was spared of most of the fighting, it witnessed a series of military operations for three and a half months during the Civil War (January 27 th – May 15 th, 1918).The global conflagration and its consequences had decisively … - Military and outdoors specialists

Varusteleka (pronounced [Where's the liquor?]) is an army surplus and outdoor store from Finland. We serve online customers worldwide and have a walk-in store in Helsinki. The company was established in 2003 and has become the biggest army store in Europe. Our crew has 60 professional members and our turnout in 2020 was 18.117 Million €.

The amazing story of Finland in World War II through rare ...

The amazing story of Finland in World War II, 1939-1945. A soldier with a pack Reindeer, on slippery ice, near the tiny village of Nautsi, in northern Lapland, Finland, on October 26, 1941. For most of Finland's history, the country had lived on the periphery of world events, but for a few weeks during the winter of 1939-40, Finland stood at ...

Male Officer Evening Dress Package – The Marine Shop

Please Note: This package contains all the necessary components for a Marine Officer who is buying his first Evening Dress uniform. To ensure the most accurate fit, please print the Measurement Form and take it to a professional tailor to complete. Pictures should be taken wearing PT gear and show the entire body.

Honoring Colin Powell, 1937-2021 - United States ...

For 35 years, he was a professional soldier. He started in the infantry, served two tours in Vietnam, was stationed in South Korea and West Germany, and oversaw Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. By the time he retired from the military, he was arguably the most respected and celebrated American in uniform. | Scrub Hats and Medical & Nursing Uniforms

Choose from a full palette of professional colors as well as an ever changing collection of print scrub tops and jackets that will enhance any uniform ensemble. Green Scrubs is the exclusive supplier to of top-quality uniforms, lab coats and surgical hats all made in the USA. Green Scrubs' popular collection of scrub hats are worn ...

Understanding FPCON status - United States Army

The Army in Europe relies on five Force Protection Condition (FPCON) levels -- Normal, A, B, C and D -- or as the Army says, Normal, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. The levels increase from lowest condition at Normal to the highest and most protective at Delta.

Allgemeine and Waffen-SS - WW2 German Uniforms - German ...

If you need advice about what insignia to be worn, or in deciding what uniforms to buy please do not hesitate to contact us. Waffen-SS combat soldiers also wore the standard German uniforms like the M36/M40 tunics, and the M40/M43 trousers. These can be found under the Standard German Army Uniforms section.


PICTURE: Staff Sergeant ( ylikersantti) of Finnish Army in typical military uniform m/36, which is composed of summer tunic m/36, breeches m/36 and field cap m/36. Green collar patches with white frame indicate that his service branch is infantry. Belt is leather belt m/30 with pistol holster design that was usually used with pistol m/19.

My Records - United States Army

Attention: This is a Department of Defense Computer System. DOD computer systems may be monitored for all lawful purposes, including to ensure that their use is authorized, for management of the system, to facilitate protection against unauthorized access and to verify security procedures, survivability and operation security.

Uniform Army Ribbon Guidance - Tennessee

For members of the US Army who have successfully completed a designated NCO Professional Development Course: Primary, Basic, Advanced, First Sergeants Course, and US Army Sergeant Major Academy. AR 600-8-22 Para 5.7 ARMY SERVICE RIBBON (ARMY-SVC-RBN) For members of the US Army who have successfully completed initial entry training.

ARMY - DA PAM 710-2-1 - Using Unit Supply System (Manual ...

AR 670-1 - Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia. Published by ARMY on January 26, 2021. Purpose The Army is a profession. A Soldier's appearance measures part of their professionalism. Proper wear of the Army uniform is a matter of personal pride for all Soldiers. It is indicative of...


OFFICIALLY LICENSED SCORPION OCP UNIFORM. Previously a military exclusive, TRU-SPEC® is now licensed to carry authentic OCP products. Made to current U.S. military specification GL/PD 14-04A using crease and wrinkle resistant CL-8 50/50 CORDURA® nylon cotton vat dyed rip-stop material. The next evolution of the U.S. Army combat uniform.

Military of Iceland - Wikipedia

Iceland's defences consist of the Icelandic Coast Guard, which patrols Icelandic waters and monitors its airspace, and other services such as the National Commissioner's National Security and Special Forces Units. Iceland is however the only NATO member which maintains no standing army.. The Coast Guard consists of three ships and four aircraft and armed with … - Russian, European, and International ...

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The first orders concerning uniforms, that Finnish White Army issued to its troops in 18 th of February 1918 basically stated that the soldier's own civilian winter clothes were now their military uniform, what other suitable clothing they could use and what the army was attempting to acquire for them.

WW2 - Surplus - your one-stop Military Shop! - Epic Militaria

Epic Militaria specialise in WW2 German, British and American Militaria, including WWII Uniforms, Equipment, Boots, Helmets, Caps, Badges and Insignia, including Military, Army Surplus and Outdoor products. Epic Militaria is UK based, but we ship to the USA, Europe and Worldwide. All orders are dispatched within 24 hours. Delivery in the UK is ...

The Blue Book - United States Army

established by Army Regulations and policies. 3. Applicability. This Blue Book applies to all United States Servicemembers assigned to Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield, and Wright Army Airfield. 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers who reside on other installations will comply with the host installation standards and policies, should policies conflict.

Category:Military of Finland - Wikimedia Commons

The Finnish Defence Forces are responsible for the defence of Finland.It is a cadre army of 15,000, of which 8,900 are professional soldiers (officers), extended with conscripts and reservists such that the standard readiness strength is 34,700 people in uniform (27,300 Army, 3,000 Navy, and 4,400 Air Force). A universal male conscription is in place, …

Military Outerwear & Cold Weather Gear - Army Surplus World

Whether you are headed out for a hunt, on duty or just out for the weekend, you need outerwear that you can depend on. We carry military outerwear and cold weather gear including M-65 Field Jackets, MA-1 Flight Jackets, thermal underwear, flight suits and rainwear. We take pride in the high quality and extreme coverage provided by our outerwear and cold weather gear.


Finnish textile and clothing brand Marimekko marks 70 bold and colourful years in 2021. We talk with Mika Ihamuotila, the chair of the board, about the company's history and future – and about his love for the Finnish archipelago. Finnish company encourages fun science education for kids. Business & innovation Education.