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Bulletproof Engines: 4 More Unkillable Motors From Detroit ...

Bulletproof Engines: 4 More Unkillable Motors From Detroit, Japan, And Europe. August 11, 2020; Story By Benjamin Hunting; There are a handful of engine designs out there that are virtually guaranteed to cross the 300,000 mile mark with only regular maintenance and responsible driving habits to help see them past that milestone. ...

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But that's not the only fast food restaurants with bank-style bulletproof windows. A couple more examples: Bulletproof Popeye fast food restaurant in Long Beach, California. Bulletproof McDonald's in Detroit, Chicago (Note that they promised you "Warmth, Happiness and Joy", not security.)

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DETROIT (CBS Detroit) — Police in Detroit are continuing their search for a 62-year-old man after a woman and her 13-year-old daughter were found shot to death on Christmas Day. Police are searching for Dwayne McDonald, who is considered a person of interest. READ MORE: Cold Weather Draws Tent Community To Hart Plaza, Detroit Mom Steps In To Help

Which Detroit McDonalds store is nicknamed MurdaMac?

out of what I suppose is lurid curiosity/boredom, I typed in some key words and found somebody's review of the McDonald's at 18137 Joy Rd, Detroit 48228. This place has a nickname because of the gang violence that happens in this area. For those who don't know they call this location the murder mac.

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12 reviews of McDonald's "Stay away: RUDENESS IS A TEAM EFFORT at this McDonalds! On early afternoon 8/26/13 I hand the drive thru cashier a 5.00 dollar bill to pay for my 3.81 order. He gives me back 0.15 change. The cashier makes a series of bizarre statements (as though he was trying to create some kind of distraction over having attempted to short change me) - and …

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Get a shot, get a smoothie. Detroit McDonald's owner joins COVID effort. DETROIT—It was a lie, but Jon Campbell listened with a broad smile anyway. The owner of a McDonald's franchise on Grand River, Campbell had just invited an older couple placing a food order Wednesday to return the next day for a vaccination event in the parking lot.

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level 1. keeyal. · 1y. My dad used to work at a bank on 8 mile. He never saw a customer face to face. There was a room similar to an airlock on a spaceship. If someone made a withdrawal, he would walk into the room, place the money down, go back and lock down his side, and let then let them in. 885. level 2.

Which Detroit McDonalds store is nicknamed MurdaMac?

The Murder Mac [["Murder McDonalds" has always been near the Herman Gardens neighborhood on Joy Road on the Westside of Detroit). The original Murder Mac was further down Joy Road and closed down in the 80's [[The one that Judge Mathis use to work at as a Teen), but the Murder Mac people speak of nowadays is the BP/McDonalds on Joy & …

There are bulletproof McDonald's and Burger Kings in Detroit.

There are bulletproof McDonald's and Burger Kings in Detroit. #there #bulletproof #mcdonalds #burger #detroit. 1093 comment. That doesnt make sense.... there are super strict gun laws there. ... Is there anything in Detroit that DOESNT have bulletproof glass? amnuce 6 dec 2019. 94 18. Stereotypes exist for a reason. richsc87 6 dec 2019. 86 2.

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Bulletproof Mcdonalds in Detroit. I've been to Detroit. No matter how much money you pour in. The Culture needs to change, this shit is not right. People are laughing at us. You probably don't see this shit in any Slavic Country u/Cottage is laughing somewhere. Even the shittiest scummiest Slav Country doesn't have this.