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Red Hill Tactical holster Ben Stoeger B.O.S.S. holster hanger Taylor Freelance Canik +4 magazine extension (140mm) Canik TP9SFX with Taylor Freelance extension Cain Arms Canik +4 magazine extension Canik TP9SFX with Cain Arms extension. Sophia Parafina. Read more posts by this author.

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This drop offset hanger is machined from billet aluminum by CNC machine. It is designed to give adjustable cant, about 1" of spacing from the body, and 2" of vertical adjustment. The mod el that is stocked in the store is designed to attach to any holster with the three hole Blade Tech pattern. This is machined by Springer Precision. Reward Points

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Included in his gear set up is a Red Hill Tactical Holster with a BOSS Holster Hanger, Ghost 360 mag pouches, Springer Precision base pads, Double Alpha belt and Rudy Project Rydon shooting glasses. What makes him proud to represent Walther is: "I am thrilled to be a part of a team with so many other great shooters and competitors.

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Oct 24, 2017. #1. I currently have a rig setup from Weber tactical, nice stuff. However, a buddy of mine recommended Red Hill Tactical holsters. Did a lil research and came across their website and one thing that got my attention was their pricing $36.75 for a holsters. Now grant it, you get what you paid for may or may not be the case with ...

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Canik Parts and Holsters. CZ/Tanfoglio Parts and Holsters. FN Parts and Holsters. Glock Holsters and Parts. Grandpower Parts and Holsters. Heckler and Koch Parts and Holsters. Sig Parts and Holsters. Springfield Armory Parts and Holsters. Smith and …

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Production rig for CZ Shadow2 consisting of Red Hill Tactical Competition holster, Boss Hanger, Shooter's Connection belt combo, and Ghost 360s pouches. Once I got everything in from Shooter's Connection, I ran into post nuts that came with the RH holster were way oversized (OD) for the Boss Y-Plate hanger.

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Contact Red Hill Tactical, and explain what you want. They'll build a competition holster to your specifications, colors, etc. They do two-layer (and occasionally three-layer) kydex, and can set it up for any hangar or attachment system in use.

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If you do decide to get the Boss hanger, just make sure you order everything with the same holes (Bladetech/Safariland). If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I shoot for Red Hill Tactical, and I'm more than happy to help make sure you have exactly what you need. PM …

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I bought a Red Hill Tactical holster as they are one of the few making full body holsters for the TSO. I'm getting a spot of colored Kydex on the corner of the slide that I'm not super thrilled about. I may see if they can adjust it some. There is some play even when secure from falling out. Just enough to rattle but the gun won't fall out.

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I shoot USPSA production class. Ordering a Red Hill Tactical holster for my X5 Legion. Thinking of getting the Boss holster hanger. Good choice? Any better recommendations?

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Red River Tactical is a veteran owned and operated company located in Clarksville, Tennessee. We hand craft high quality, high definition, custom Kydex gun holsters and magazine carriers. We use top of the line Kydex and hardware and are proud to say that all of our suppliers are US based companies as well.

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Red Hill Tactical Classic HD. Discontinued. RH-More Info. $45.95. In Stock. Red Hill Tactical Competition Holster. Red Hill Tactical. RH-Comp. More Info. $69.95. ... Invictus Practical Holster Hanger Kit - Long. Invictus Practical. HH-l + Add to Cart. $34.50. In Stock. Comp-Tac International Holster - Left Hand. Comp-Tac. 739189 1. More Info ...

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Ordered the Red Hill Tactical competition holster for my P320 X-Five with the red anodized 1.55" hangar and with black tension adjustment knobs. Turn around was right at 30 days as advertised, shipping was fast. 5 preset holes in the hangar for adjustment, as well as being able to adjust for holster cant.

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Red Hill Tactical Holster (RHT Stocked) Red Hill Tactical Holster (RHT Stocked) Out of Stock CZ Shadow 2 and 1911 with Rail Model Resupply June 2022 Freedom Ventures is proud to be a dealer for the most popular kydex competition holster in the USA. Red Hill Tactical (RHT) CZ Shadow 2 (Black Inside/ Black Outside)

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What started in his kitchen began to grow, so he moved to the basement (I suspect that Mrs. King wanted her oven back). By early 2015, Red Hill Training had been replaced by Red Hill Tactical (RHT) and a new website was launched. At the same time, RHT developed the double-layer holster that launched the business to the next level.

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Safariland holster light bearing and Mitch Rosen legion owb (conceals great) $900 no mags, 950 1 mag 2) my x5 legion. This OWB style holster is designed to ideally carry your P320 Legion XFIVE. Holsters for the Sig Sauer P320 X-Five. If you're carrying it the three to five o'clock, you're going to want a holster with a decent amount of cant.

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kydex moulded competition grade holster for the SJC frame weight or SJC frame weight with thumb rest kits. perfect length fit for G34s or G35s. can also be used for frame weights on G17/G22 (will not reach bottom) of holster and/or G17L/G24 (some slide will be exposed) belt attachment system or hanger are needed and purchased seperately.

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As with all Red Hill Tactical holsters the front is low cut to aid in a quick draw. All competition holsters come with adjustable retention either via screws or optional knobs. With this holster we also give you the ability to chose your mounting system either loops, tek lok, or drop. Specifications: Adjustable passive retention

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These holsters are only available for TAC-1 students. This is the top of the line Red Hill Tactical Competition Holster as used by many shooters around the country. It is available only in the super rigid double layer holster. This features two layers of …

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I really like the hanger that came with this holster, but I'm thinking about upgrading to either a Red Hill Tactical or GX Vice holster. Would either of those be a significant upgrade to what I already have? I've contacted GX, and he said the hanger will work with that one. Does the double alpha hanger work with the RHT?

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Red Hill Tactical Classic HD. Discontinued. RH-More Info. $45.95. In Stock. Red Hill Tactical Competition Holster. Red Hill Tactical. RH-Comp. More Info. $69.95. In Stock. BOSS DOH Holster Hanger - Hanger Mount Only. Shockbottle. BSPS-Hanger. More Info. $49.95. In Stock. Arredondo CR Speed Muzzle Platform. Arredondo. CRS-Platform + Add to Cart ...

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Red Hill Tactical CZ 75 Holster (Right Hand) $ 80.00 Add to cart. Red Hill Tactical CZ 75 SP-01 Holster (Right Hand) $ 100.00 Add to cart. Red Hill Tactical CZ 75 Tactical Sports Holster (Left Hand) $ 100.00 Add to cart. Red Hill Tactical CZ 75 Tactical Sports Holster (Right Hand) $ 100.00 Read more.