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ChinaBallistic Plate for Military, NIJ Level IV ...

Bulletproof level: NIJ IIIA/III/IV. Size: S/L/X. Weight: 1.5-3.5kg. MOQ: 1 pc. OEM: Available. Sample: Available. As a state-owned military group established by Chinese Army in 1987,we manufactured bulletproof vest, bulletproof plate, bulletproof helmet and other bulletproof items for a long history. We manufacture NIJIIIA,III and IV ...

Level 3A vs 3 vs 4 Body Armor | Guide to Body Armor Levels

Atomic Defense level 3 body armor can stop soft soft-steel and lead rounds. Well before some competition. To recap, level 3 body armor: Is weaker than 4, but stronger than 1, 2A, 2, and 3A. Is rigid (it's made of a hard material and must come pre-folded) Is lighter than 4, but heavier than 3A.

Hard Armor Shoulder Plates (HASP) - Set of 2 - Armor Exchange

The Hard Armor Shoulder Plates or HASP, are an advanced, lightweight, ballistic shoulder protection plate and carrier system exclusive to the Armor Express product line. Available in Level IIIA, III, or III+ ballistic options, the Hard Armor Should Plates offers added shoulder protection to your plate carrier or tactical rig.

Top 9 Level/Type III Ballistic Armor Plates – ShotStop ...

3. Armored Republic AR500 Level III Body Armor. The Armored Republic is an excellent company with high-quality ballistic protection. This specific body armor is one of the closest plates to what we offer at ShotStop®. This plate is a multi-Hit plate, capable of stopping the same AK-47 and AR-15 caliber rifles.

Best Body Armor 2021 [Top Picks - My Bulletproof Gear

The BulletSafe Ballistic Plates offers you level III protection, whilst at a great price. Whilst used in conjunction with BulletSafe's Bulletproof Vest, you can attain level IV protection against rifle fire. On its own it will protect against non-armor piercing .223 and 7.62 x 51mm rounds.

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Austria (1) China (8088) Hong Kong S.A.R. (1) Taiwan, China (31) Turkey (4) Vietnam (3) Type. Home bulletproof bulletproof panel. 9734 products found for ... High quality bulletproof plate Custom Level 3 / III Polyethylene Bulletproof Panels Ballistic UHMWPE Armor Plate for Vehicles. $147.00 / Piece. 1 Piece (Min. Order) CN Dingtop ...

Battle Steel Level III Ballistic Plates

Tested NIJ Level 3, Multi-hit capability will defeat M193 5.56mm, MSC AK47 7.62x39 & M80 7.62x51mm Ballistic Material: Polyethylene Size/Weight: 10" x 12", 3.5lbs / 11x14, 4.5lbs / 6x6, 1.1lbs Thickness: 0.8" Exterior Cover: Polyurea Coating; Warranty: 10 Years from Date of Sale Federal & state laws restrict the purchase and possession of body armor for convicted felons.

Level 3 Body Armor | AR500 Armor of the Armored Republic

SKU. level-3-body-armor. $65.00. Affordable, strong, and reliable: Unlike plates made with ceramic or polyethylene, our AR500 Level III Steel features incredible multi-hit capability while still being thinner than other materials. It also features a durable FragLock™ coating which helps prevent fragmentation after the bullet's initial impact.

AR500 Body Armor Plate Level III | Made in Sweden -TYR ...

Single curved steel core body armor plate made of top of the line ballistic steel. This is the highest protection level we are allowed to sell to civilians and this plate gives you most bang for your buck with its competitive price and good performance. NIJ Level III ICW (In Conjunction With soft armor IIIA) tested with 7,62x51 M80.

Level III LT PRO - Folkward - Body Armour and Tactical Gear

Features. This ballistic plate protects against 7.62x51 M80 as well as all smaller calibers. The materials chosen make this ballistic plate one of the most lightweight solutions on the market. The geometry of this ballistic plate ensures the perfect fit to the human torso due to its multi-dimensional curvation.

Level III A Tactical Bulletproof Vest - Level 3A MOLLE

BulletSafe offers a brand new, level III A (3A) bulletproof vest with a carrier system that offers concealable or Tactical front covers for just $349. Our body armor is trusted by national security companies, proven to save lives, and the best value in body armor. The BulletSafe Level 3 A Tactical Bulletproof Vest Kit is the bulletproof vest ...

Bulletproof-it Body Armor Stand Alone Ballistic Plate ...

The Bulletproof-it Body Armor Stand Alone Ballistic Plate Level III + Shooters Cut Single Curve Spall Coating 10"x12" Star 647 Steel is the lightest Level III+ Steel armor plate available on the market. These Star 647 Plates weigh only 6.3 pounds each. At only 5mm thick, this is the thinnest steel plate one can own.

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SAPI NIJ III ballistic plate | PGD-Berserker 181.50 € AL203 & polyethylene ballistic plate - protection level NIJ3 - 7.62×51 NATO, M80 (0101.06)- stand-alone and multi hit capable, SAPI shooters cut to ensure optimal mobility & "simple-curve" to fit the shape of the chest. Surface of 30x25cm (10×12 inches) for 2,50Kg weight and 21mm thickness.

Level III Plates - Bulletproof Zone

The first level of protection against rifle rounds is Level III body armor. To be classified as Level III, plates must be able to withstand six shots from a 7.62x51 NATO round traveling at 2780 ft/s. They are also capable of countering AK 47 rounds.

NIJ Level III Plate - Ballistic Body Armor | Atomic Defense

NIJ IIIA - Stops handguns up to .44 mag and .357. NIJ III - Stops Rifles up to 5.56 and 7.62 M80. NIJ IV - Stops armor piercing and API. ERGONOMIC: Curved to match your body shape. The real shooter's cut and body curve to allow accurate shooting and arm movement. LEGAL TRAVEL: TSA & airplane safe. Level 3 standalone polyethylene protection ...

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Tactical Scorpion AR500 Level 3 III Body Armor Plates Pair Curved 10 x 12. 5 out of 5 stars. (105) 105 product ratings - Tactical Scorpion AR500 Level 3 III Body Armor Plates Pair Curved 10 x 12. $99.95. Free shipping. 968 sold. SPONSORED.